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My name is Sabine. I am 30 years old and I live in Copenhagen with my girlfriend.
I have worked with jewellery for around 6 years (Jesus, time passes so fast!).
I am a sensitive, eccentric, dog-loving, slightly bipolar, wholehearted, introvert. And a lot of other things of course. I am a very private person, except to those who show authentic interest and to those I love.
I rarely show pictures of myself except my hands. The short reason is because I am vain, the real reason is because I have a poor self-image. I have been fighting self-destructive behaviour and eating disorders since I was 15. I am fine now. Well, as fine as one can be I guess. I am loved, I give love and I am doing what I love. So there is hope.
I am really happy that all of you are following and appreciate my work. That warms my heart. So thank you!

The person behind the hands


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