Blickfang 2017

I am pleased to announce KANT will be exhibiting at the Blickfang International Design Fair in Stuttgart March 17th – 19th. I will be showing the complete .925 Silver collection and for the first time a special selection of designs in 14 karat gold. This is my first fair abroad, and I am equally nervous and excited!


Blickfang is a design fair showcasing furniture, jewellery, and fashion from the young and international design scene. It is the biggest event of its kind in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with fairs in Vienna, Hamburg, Zürich, Stuttgart, and Basel. Blickfang is a design shopping platform where customers can meet the designers in person and hear their stories and buy their products directly on the spot.

If you are in the area, Blickfang is worth a visit. And great news: I have free tickets! Send an email to to get your ticket. If you are not ready to travel to Stuttgart, you can visit their online shop here.

This year I have decided to focus on exhibiting at bigger fairs. I still occasionally participate in smaller designer markets around Copenhagen, but to actually grow my brand, I need to challenge my comfort zone and join the scary, commercial game.

I know my brand has a lot of potential in Europe and it has been a dream for a long time to show my designs to a broader audience and retailers from all around the world. But there is a big step between wanting something and making the call. Just the thought of traveling abroad to stand in a booth to promote my design and share my story, makes me want to cry.

Of all the things I have learned through KANT, embracing my sensitivity is the most important. I am an eccentric, sensitive introvert and even though I want things to happen fast and be confident and all, I need to remember what kind of person I am. The kind of person who needs time to cope with new circumstances.

And this is where Blickfang enters the picture. Blickfang is something in between the low-key designer markets and the pompous international design/fashion fairs. Blickfang is big, but not too big, abroad but still close, and serious yet not meeting-professional-buyers-and-taking-orders-serious. It is a stepping stone to grow some courage and hopefully experience that all this promoting-KANT-thing is not so scary after all.

Read more about the Blickfang fair here

Or meet KANT at stall 8.50 in the fashion and jewellery area in the Beethovensaal (auditorium) 

Fri  17th March 12-21
Sat  18th March 11-20
Sun 19th March 11-18

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle
Berlinersplatz 1-3
70174 Stuttgart

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