FINDERSKEEPERS Copenhagen spring/16

The last blogpost was about my reflections before and during the process of creating my KANT by RAHBEK jewellery stand for the FINDERSKEEPERS design market. The market is long gone now and it’s about time to share some pictures from the weekend.

The design market begins Friday for most stall keepers. We have a few hours the day before the market officially opens to the audience to set up our sales booths at our leisure. Even though the procedure is almost the same, it is always an amazing experience to see the empty hall for the first time and follow the beautiful unfolding. I imagine we are frontiers arriving in the Wild West with our goods and chattels to settle down and set up our new homes and shops. There is an atmosphere of controlled chaos when everyone is towing forth and back. Like a community of busy prolific bees we transform the echoing emptiness into a luxuriant city of beauty and creativity.

Even though I’ve spent weeks planning and preparing the stall – not to mention the time spent building it (see the pictures here), things never turn out the way you imagine they will. When you prepare at home it’s difficult to predict how your stall design will work in correlation with the enormous and commodious hall and the other astonishing stalls around you. Even though I strive to create a dramatic and eye-catching display with a lot of stall charisma, the result can easily wither and be overlooked in the crowd. I often have a few moments of discouragement because I’m in awe and I feel insignificant in comparison to the rest. The level is high among all the stall displays because we know that in order to make an impression and truly capture the attention and interest of the visitors we need to make a great effort to stand out. Despite the implicit competition I still think the atmosphere is nice among the stall keepers and we are always trying to inspire, support and motivate each other the best way possible.

Below is my weekend in pictures. From the set up Friday to the market days Saturday & Sunday.
Did any of you happen to visit the market? Did you like it?





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