Hello. I’m Sabine

Hello, my name is Sabine.

I’m all about contrasts, contradictions and complexity.
Like an emotional pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other.
Switching between being high and low,
moving fast and moving slow.
I’m taking a stand, changing my mind, and making mistakes.
Over and over.
Again and again.  

I may be calm and quiet on the outside,
But my mind is whirling like a spinning top.

I’m caught in restless duality.
Torn between opposing aspirations.
Needing minimalism, certainty and order,
but longing for the chaos and dynamics in abundance.

I’m driven by conflicting ideas.
I want it all at once.

I’m eager and impatient.
Avid and compulsive like an addict.

My life is a quest for balance.
To both escape and embrace myself at the same time.
To think, feel, and flow freely.
To liberate and clear my tangled mind.

One step at the time


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