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Product Care

Jewellery needs to be washed, repaired and maintained like any other wardrobe item.
Please have in mind that wrong use, storage and treatment can cause tarnish as well as damage to the item and will all have impact in the durability of the jewellery.


You should only wear your jewellery for appropriate tasks. KANT by RAHBEK encourages you to remove your jewellery when you are bathing, performing sports activities, doing household tasks, sunbathing, gardening, etc.


When you are not wearing your jewellery, you should keep them in a safe and secure place, such as the enclosed KANT by RAHBEK jewellery box.
KANT by RAHBEK caution you about keeping jewellery in your bathroom. This has to do with the overall humidity and the risk of the pieces coming directly into contact with water and respective chemical products such as soap, hairspray, perfume, nail polish remover, moisturisers, etc.


Silver is a sensitive metal that demands attention and regular cleaning to stay silvery and shiny. With time and usage, silver jewellery becomes dirty and discoloured. That does not mean that your jewellery is of poor quality! It simply means that a natural process is occurring where the hydrogen sulphide in the air, chemicals in the environment, and the sweat, acid and heat from your body is engaging with the silver, leaving the surface tarnished.
You can clean your sterling silver jewellery easily and effortlessly using an old household remedy. All you need is a bowl, aluminum foil, baking soda, boiling water, and a clean cloth.

What if the jewellery breaks?

Faulty products are subject to the Danish law on consumer products and guarantees therefrom.
If your product in any ways stops to function in its specified way and it is eligible for a refund due to a production fault, please contact KANT by RAHBEK at with your receipt of purchase.
Wear, tear and misuse are however not covered by the guarantee and will be subject to personal examination by KANT by RAHBEK.
Even in the case, that you, yourself is liable for the damage, feel free to contact KANT by RAHBEK concerning either repair or questions thereabout:
Products that are returned under the Danish two year warranty, will either be repaired or replaced by a new and identical piece. This process may take up to 14 days, from when KANT by RAHBEK receives the faulty piece. Insofar as the product cannot be replaced, a refund will be issued to the sum of the original purchase.

About gold-plating

Gold-plating is a chemical process where you cover a metal with a layer of gold. The method is an affordable alternative to solid gold jewellery.
The plating is a relatively thin layer that wears off with use. A plating can last from weeks to several months depending on the type of jewellery and on how you care for it.
I recommend you to take off your jewellery when you wash your hands, shower, sleep, etc. to prolong its longevity.

treat your jewellery with respect