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DKK 1,050.00

Silver Cactus necklace in 24K gold-plated sterling silver by KANT by RAHBEK

Identical to the Silver Cactus but with a 24K gold-plating. More pictures are on the way!

24K gold-plated sterling silver.

// Size
Pendant // 22mm x 22mm.
Chain // Choose between Cable, Box and Curb. Available in length 42 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm & 60 cm

//About gold-plating
Gold-plating is a chemical process where you cover a metal with a layer of gold. The method is an affordable alternative to solid gold jewellery.

The plating is a relatively thin layer that wears off with use. A plating can last from weeks to several months depending on the type of jewellery and on how you care for it.

I recommend you to take off your jewellery when you wash your hands, shower, sleep, etc. to prolong its longevity.


Size Guide

Necklaces come in a variety of sizes.

The sketch illustrates the different lengths and their approximate placement on the body.
Please note that the length can vary depending on the size of your neck and bosom. Remember to take into account the length/size of the pendant as well.

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